Emma’s Enterprise

As part of Emma’s art work at school she got the chance to set up an Enterprise, a small company that she has to run.
She set up her company “A Gift From The Heart” to sell hand made gifts.
She recently had a sale of her work.

Emma Family MND Motor Neuron Disease

Emma’s Progress

Not a lot of updates on Emma’s progress recently so here we go.

Emma’s power in her arms and wrists has deteriorated severely over the last few weeks.
This we have seen coming  for a little while, we have been helping her to eat for six months or so.
The biggest impact this is having is that she can no longer use the keyboard on her laptop: so her online presence on Bebo and MSN has been brought to a premature end.
She has already been assessed for alternative input tools such as an eye controlled system. This happened when she was last at Rachel House so I never got a chance to find out more.

More worryingly the muscles in her throat are starting to weaken so she has started to choke on her food occasionally.


Emma Makes The Newspaper

Check out today’s Daily Record pages 30 and 31.

Alternatively you can read it here.


Emma’s Prom

Emma was at here school prom last week:

See the full set here: DSC_4637 

Emma Family

Emmas 16th Birthday

 Well her birthday is not until Wednesday but there was a surprise party last night.

The hall was full and there were loads of surprises: Fireworks, Stripper and an excellent rendition by her cousin Danielle.

Photos can be seen here:


Emma Family

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly !

It’s been quite a busy week.

  • Emma went and met the Rangers players
  • We got a new front door
  • The extension may be getting back on track.
  • Unfortunately Emma is getting slightly worse.
  • Neighbours !

Emma’s History

Emma my eldest daughter has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease this comes on the back of a very long period with no diagnosis.

Originally the only symptoms she presented was sore legs: this they put down to her not tying her shoes properly.

From there after almost a year of fighting and losing more and more strength in her legs the doctors finally admitted that she had a neurological problem.

At first they thought it was Guillian Barre Syndrome so there then followed a year of treatments, once a month to receive immunolobulin at Wishaw General Hospital where she received the very best of care.

A year down the line and after showing no real improvement Emma went through a battery of further tests and it was confirmed that she was indeed suffering from Motor Neurone  Disease.