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Modelling Change In Your Dimensions


You use dimension tables to hold the descriptive attributes that you want to use to analyse your measures.

This is fine but what do you do when this information changes? There are three common ways that you can handle changes in your dimensional model.

Ross Technology Work

Ideal Working Environment

My Home Office

I have just fine tuned my working environment and have come up with the ideal setup.

OK the monitor heights are a bit wonky but I very rarely span monitors, I like to have discrete items open in each and focus on one monitor at a time.

In this picture I have outlook split between monitors 1 & 2, thunderbird between 2 and 3 and firefox crossing all 3.

Photography Ross Technology This Site

Scary Mary !

Scary Mary !

I treated myself to an external flash for my camera, specifically a Nikon SB-800.

This allows me to play around with having the flash off camera. Mucking around produced the photo above, which also gives a sneak preview to the “face fungus” which I am currently cultivating.

As you may or may not know, i love the concept of openid which allows you to have a single authorisation location for multiple sites (including this blog). It also allows you to have a single profile page. It has just scared me the number of places where my profile photo may be, I’m going to spend the next hour seeing how many places I have put it!

OK, in 1 hour I have found 16 discrete sites, and I have not even started with the forums that I frequent !

Home Improvements

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn

Since we had our extension built we have had continual problems with the isolator switch for the shower becoming really hot. It’s been replaced a few times. At the weekend, the whole hose was plunged into darkness and there was a puff of smike in Emma’s bedroom. One of the carers burned her hand switching the shower off. We were out of options until I read Larry Adkin’s guide, then I realized I needed professional help.

A call to a friendly electrician revealed the source of the problem above.

Today the electricians from the builders arrived and completely re-wired the shower and replaced the main breaker.

Speedy service !

Dimensional Modelling Maxima Information Group Work

Dimensional Modelling – Facts

Creative Commons License photo credit: Felipe Morin

I am often asked by my colleagues to explain dimensional modelling concepts to them. I will try to capture come on the concepts here. I am going to focus on Facts.

Specifically, types of facts: Accumulating, Factless, Transactions, Snapshots, Additive, SemiAdditive and Non Additive


Flickr Favourite Surfing


One of the core principles in Flickr is having the ability to mark any photo that you see as being a favourite.

This page from Big Huge Labs lets you explore this concept further. Choose a contact, one of your own or just a random person and it will display some of their favourite photos.

Click on one to see it large. It then joms to the owner of the large photo and shows you their favourites and so on, and so on and so on……..

This is such a simple concept and so addictive.

You have been warned !

This Site

Woo Hoo !


Red letter day for me ! (I’m easily pleased)

This site has been intermittently peaking at just under 100 visits per day.

Today it crossed the threshold, yipee !

Info supplied by the fantastic stats plugin.

Family MND Motor Neuron Disease



In case you have not noticed I have created a  fundraising page.

I will be doing sponsored events for the Scottish MND Association, Childrens Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Have a look here and please give generously !