Larkhall Orange Order Procession / March 5th July 2008


Marching season is upon us. This year it was Larkhall’s honour to host a large procession.

It was intermittently rainy but there were smiles everywhere. Quite a bit of staggering as well as the marching ! I never saw any trouble or raised voices.

The police were out in force, I saw a few discrete conversations, but on they whole the police seemed to be in a fairly jovial mood too.

Fun Ross

Calf Strain

After completing the 10K for MND I foolishly stopped my training.

I decided to restart it during the week, I stretched just as much as I normally did. I walked 5 times further for my warm up. I went for 1 mile: jog 4 walk 2. I had a long walk to warm down.

I still managed to pull my right calf !

This was something I had when i was training regularly, the only thing that helped was going for a weekly massage.

I have changed the way that I walk so that I am stretching my calfs more and I feel a twinge with every step, this is helping me slightly but not “fast” enough. I want to get back out and do more.

Any suggestions for “better” or “more appropriate” stretches that I should do?