Connected On The Move

I finally figured out how the e-mail works on my mobile phone.

I could always receive messages on my phone but I could never reply or send.

It was an off the cuff remark on a forum post that triggered the lightbulb moment. I can only send via my ISP’s mail server if I am connected via my ISP! Obvious with hind sight !

All I have to do is send all my messages via the Orange mail server.

Works a treat!


Fantastic Site !

It’s not often I find a site that is worh shouting about but:

Invite Share this site is all about sending invites out to those closed beta sites.

I got a pownce account in about 30 seconds !

Events Family


Had a great day out in Linlithgow today.

Historic Scotland organised a medieval re-enactment weekend this weekend.

On display was: Jousting, swordplay, quarterstaffs, and general fighting.

The weather stayed dry and we had a great day out.

About Turn !


Benidorm 2007

Not my first choice in holiday. My father in law took unwell so we had to fly out at short notice to be with them.

The care received in the hospital was excellent, very friendly and very professional.

Didn’t do a lot of the normal “holiday” stuff but of course I had my camera with me so you can see my Benidorm Photos on Flickr.

It felt really weird, half of the population was half my age, the other half were twice my age !

It was also way too hot for me, over 35degrees most days, there was even one evening when it was sitting at 30degrees at midnight; not pleasant.

Everyone is home now and slowly improving, except for me, back at work and slowly going mad, so back to normal it is !