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I got some time to spend on this site this evening.

The most obvious change is the visible one, I have changed the theme to the Mogle theme, I like the three column layout better than the old two column layout. I also prefer the black, white and orange scheme.

The next visible change is the addition of the Subscribe2 plugin. If you register as a user of this site you can receive an e-mail alert when new posts are made. Alternatively you can just stick with the RSS feeds. There are made more prominent by this theme as well.

The last change is  the addition of the Stats plugin which will allow me to see how many visitors I get.

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Hello – hope you don’t mind me pestering you but you appear to be running WordPress with Plusnet as your ISP, correct? I’m doing the same, with WP residing within the CGI area – all seems fine apart from Subscribe2. Is this plug-in actually working for you? My own notification email gets through, but no other emails (only 5 friends I’m using to test). I’ve done the usual thing – checked all the support messages – but thought I’d seek your opinion before I began (trying) to quiz Plusnet about this. Ta, Ken.

I really should update this post, I stopped using subscribe2 plugin either this upgrade or the one before.
It was working fine with plusnet, but I think it could have been the 2.3 upgrade that broke it.
I only had a few folks using it so I just did without it. It was working fine though, I had no problems with it before the upgrade.
The only plusnet specific thing is remembering to run the every time you add new files.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thanks Ross, I’ve got a handle on the permissions, that all seems fine. I’ve just learned that the test emails /are/ working, *except* the ones I’m sending to myself. I think Plusnet’s current spam trapping is a mite overzealous, but I shudder to think what’ll happen if I turned it off 😉 I don’t fancy downloading 300 emails a day telling me that my manhood needs improvement…
Cheers, Ken.

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