Yahoo Support is Improving

I have started to have lots of issues whith the Yahoo toolbar for Firefox.

As a travelling consultant who regularly flits between home, office and multiple client sites and multiple PC’s at each site it is a boon to be able to access my bookmarks especially at any PC I use. For YEARS I have been using the Yahoo Bookmarks service, and since it was launched I have been using the Yahoo Companion or Yahoo Toolbar.

Recently it has stopped showing me my buttons on the toolbar:

Yahoo Toolbar Broken

As you can see, the “mail” alert is there and it tells me the correct number of unread messages so I know that I am correctly logged in.

The only resolution is to log out of Yahoo completely:

Yahoo Toolbar Logged Out

This then gives you the “default” guest user buttons.

I can then log back in and I get “my buttons back.

Yahoo Toolbar Logged In

I have had raised this with Yahoo support and have to date only had stock answers to problems that I don’t have.

Yes I know how to log in.

Yes I know how to customise the buttons.

Yes I know that I have to be logged in to see my buttons.

As to my other problem that the bookmarks shown in the toolbar and the bookmarks shown at being out of sync, they claim to have re-synchronised them butI have yet to see a difference.

Upshot is I am now actively looking for altrnatives, will do my bookmarks, but I can never remember the spelling and punctuation. Google go a browser sync addin that may also work. I hate having to do this as there is also a Yahoo Toolbar for IE that I can use on the rare occasion I stray from Firefox. I mostly hate doing this as I know that Yahoo Toolbar fits my needs exactly, if only it &^%*^&%$ worke !

Update, I got a response from a “real” person. Jimmy was veryhelpful, he had read the notes, understood the problem and had useful suggestions. None of them worked but I’m sure he is not finished.

I was intreagued by the signature on the e-mail:

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email and any attachment is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended for the named recipient only.

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I’m just annoyed as the Yahoo Toolbar worked perfectly for years. I like the hooks into all the other Yahoo content I use, Briefcase, notepad, Bookmarks etc.
Their current suggestion is to un-install Firefox and re-install it…

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