Larkhall Orange Order Procession / March 5th July 2008


Marching season is upon us. This year it was Larkhall’s honour to host a large procession.

It was intermittently rainy but there were smiles everywhere. Quite a bit of staggering as well as the marching ! I never saw any trouble or raised voices.

The police were out in force, I saw a few discrete conversations, but on they whole the police seemed to be in a fairly jovial mood too.

The funniest thing was the constant assumption that i was a press photographer ! This could have been because I was using a “real” camera with a long lens. It could have been because I was one of the few men NOT wearing a rangers top. I must be one of the few in Larkhall that does not even own a Rangers top. I don’t have a particular opinion on wearing them, I just have no place of it in my wardrobe!

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