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My Latest Toy

I treated myself to a new toy for my camera.


Cactus Wireless Triggers

Basically you have a transmitter that goes into the hotshoe of your camera and you have a reciever that goes into the hotshoe of the flash unit. This means that you can trigger your flash via a radio signal!


My flash has an IR sensor it it so you can set it to flash whenever it sees another flash but this means there has to be line of sight between your camera flash and the remote flash. Using this method you can “hide” your flash and have light coming from all sorts of directions.

Typically flash coming from any direction other than your camera will improve a portrait !


Here I had my flashgun sitting behind Elaine’s feet pointing up towards her face.

If you are interested in off camera flash have a look at this site: Strobist and their corresponding Flickr Group.

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