Restaurant Review – Thai Lemongrass – Glasgow

This was the last thing I imagined i would write about when I set up this site but….

Elaine and I were out shopping in Glasgow last weekend and decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal out. We were walking past the Thai Lemon Grass and thought we would give it a go.

The Good

The decor in here is fantastic, despite it being early on a Saturday evening they found us a table despite not having booked. It was quite noisy as there was a rowdy party through the back and we were sitting just next to the stairs but it was not too offputting.

The food was stunning! I was not expecting to be writing this so I never took a note of the full menu or what we both chose. They had a banquet style menu for approximately £20 per head. Starter was a mixed platter of spring rolls, fishcakes and chicken satay; two of each. This was followed by a terriaki beef salad which was delicious, there was a little fat on the beef, but I don’t mind this.

For the main courses we both ended up with seafood, Elaine had prawns and scallops with mushrooms and a black bean sauce whilst I had prawns and scallops with noodles. Both were awesome, if anything, Elaines tasted better than mine 🙁

The Bad

Just behind where we were sitting was the stairs to the ladies toilets and the area where the party was happening. There was a small table on which they had bowls of prawn crackers sitting, each empty table had a bowl sitting waiting for the next guests. Whenever they were removing the “finished” bowls from the tables they shared out any uneaten crackers amoungst the fresh full bowls!

Half way through Elaine’s bowl of rice, she found a hair. Had it been on the top we could have put it down to the waiting staff or having been blown across the room with the fancy ceiling fans they have but as it was in the middle we can only assume that it was from the kitchen staff.

The Ugly

When paying the bill the waitress handed me the remote terminal to pay by Switch. I was trying to ask if she had a preference if the tip was put through the machine or to leave in cash. However, she would not let me get a word in edgeways! She was too busy explaining to me how the machine worked and saying, “If you want to leave a tip, press Yes”, as she proceeded to press yes for me !

Now, service was NOT included in the bill, but I do not believe it should be “expected”. I was willing to forgive the “mistakes” listed above but by “forcing” me to leave a tip, she forced me to leave a paltry one rather than my usual 10%+

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