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I ordered a DVD for my wife for Christmas in December. I have used Play before and have never had any issues.
This time, the DVD did not arrive.
I had to wait 21 days before I could claim a replacement.
Cue no DVD for my better half !
After 21 days, without any quibbles Play agreed to ship a replacement.
Unfortunately, the DVD was not out of stock. I received an e-mail on 7th January to inform me of this.
To date I have still not received the DVD.

Today I called them up.
Them – We sent you an e-mail telling you that it was out of stock.
Me – But it’s in stock.
Them – If it was in stock we would have sent it to you, its out of stock.
Me – If you look at the website it says it’s in stock.
Them – Errrm, would you like a refund?
Me – No I’d like the DVD please.
Them – We’ll send you an e-mail when it’s in stock.
Me – But it’s in stock ……….

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