Quantified Self

Quantified Self – Google And Android

Working as a Business Intelligence consultant I work with numbers every day and have to deliver benefit from them. I also do the same in my personal life, I LOVE my FitBit, and have macros that pull my stats out using the FitBit API and store it in a Google SpreadSheet and then aggregate the data and publish it to my dashboard.

This works fine for my automatically captured data, I needed a solution for more manual data points. I wanted a way to be able to capture data on my phone, store the data in Google SpreadSheets so that I can integrate it with my existing data and then send a summary spreadsheet back to my Android phone.

I will break the steps down in the following series of posts:

Quantified Self – Google And Android – Capture

Quantified Self – Google And Android – Aggregation

Quantified Self – Google And Android – Reporting


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