All I Wanted For Christmas Was The Internet

That’s seven days now with no internet connection. Phone is working fine but no broadband. 🙁

I waited in for two days last week for an OpenReach engineer to visit but no one turned up – apparently it was not necessary. Now they tell me it IS necessary but it will be next Wednesday (a full week after their original appointment) before they can come.

On the plus side – my mobile is also with Talk Talk and I can get the internet on that – but ….. I have just used my monthly allowance in the last seven days. Strangely Talk Talk “are not able to” offer me unlimited data or waive any addition data fees that I incur whilst I have no fixed line connection.

On the plus side Talk Talk have promised me compensation for every day without service. I’m wondering what price they will put on:

  • My children’s Christmas gifts not working.
  • No music.
  • No films.

I know that this is very much a first world problem – but you don’t realise how dependant you are on the internet until you don’t have it.

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