Things That Annoy Me

Things That Annoy Me – Utilities & Smart Meters

When I last changed Gas and Electricity supplier I got a “free” smart meter. No more meter readings to be sent in, instant display of your consumption and costs – fantastic!

I have just changed provider again and shock horror my existing smart meter is not compatible with my new provider! I will need to get another “free” smart meter.

In all the adverts for switching, they make a big point about it being the same gas coming down the same pipes so it’s no big deal to switch. However, surely it’s the same data going up the same “wires”? What this is indicating is that the national roll out of smart meters obviously didn’t have any standards in place to ensure that each providers smart meter systems used the same data in the same format to ensure interoperability.

<irony>At least the smart meters are “free”, with their costs coming out of the company’s profits and not being covered by increases to my bill.</irony>

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