North Coast 500 – NC500 – Day 10 – The East Coast

The Pennyland House B&B gave me probably the best sleep of the trip, there was nothing wrong with the previous accommodation but the beds here were SO comfortable. Another fantastic breakfast set us up for a long day’s driving.

This was the leg of the journey that I enjoyed least, I’m not sure if it was because it was on “proper” roads or if it was just not as spectacular as the previous week ….

We headed south to Wick, had a wander around then hit the road to our lunch stop at Dunrobin Castle and gardens.

We then had just a number of little stops to break up the remainder of the journey including Loch Fleet

Dornoch and Tain – both of these are also on the list for a re-visit.

The final overnight stop for us and the end of the “official” North Coast 500 route was in Inverness. For us it was the Ballifeary Guest House. Inverness is an old stomping ground for as as we are veterans of the marathon but a new discovery there; The Malt Room did mean it was a late night for us!

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