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Oracle SQL Developer and Commas

Just found an interesting feature in SQL Developer 3

I created a dataset that contained two columns of numbers that I wanted to quickly get into excel. I choose, export in CSV format to clipboard so that I could quickly paste it into an existing spreadsheet.

My dataset contained:

1234, 5678
2345, 6789
3456, 7890

The data that was exported was:


Have to export to an xls file, open it then copy and paste – YAWN !

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Oracle Datatype Conversions

Last week I gave a colleague a demonstration on why, if you have numbers stored in a character string you should convert them explicitly to numbers:

select ‘Yes’
from dual
where ‘1000’ between ‘000’ and ‘999’;


Oracle Windows Work

Tell Me When The DB Is Back

database 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tim Morgan
Today at work the development DB went down.
My days of fixing databases are long gone, but the guys that are are not so good at letting everyone know that the database is back up.
I created this windows batch script to let me know.