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Gadgets And Gizmos – Olympus Mini Messenger Camera Bag

Previously I was using a Timbuk2 Messenger – which wasĀ HUGE! The main problem was I would always try and fill it! I decided to downsize. I may have gone too small but this is what I’m using at the moment: an Olympus Mini Messenger bag.

As I said this is really close to the minimum I can get away with carrying.

  • In the right hand side of the main compartment I have my Olympus Pen-F with 17mm lens, spare battery and the provided external flash.
  • In the left hand side I have my sunglasses (optomist) and my reading glasses (getting old)
  • In the back, between the back of the bag and the camera padding insert is just enough room for a Kindle Paperwhite (gives a good idea of the dimensions of the bag)
  • In the slash pocket at the front I have a spare memory card, train ticket and security pass for work.

The bag is working great for me at the moment – my only reservations are: you really need to make sure the clasp is closed (could be just because I have it FULL) and I have no space for an umbrella.