Park Fun

After a hectic night the night before I needed to chill out so got some of the old toys out:

2017-05-28 15.47.40

Other than needing a bit of a wash and some tangles lines all are in working order.

Of course it was at EXACTLY this moment that the wind completely died so not much actual action happened.

In the photo are:

  • Revolution Exp
  • Flexifoil Psycho
  • Flexifoil Pulsar
  • Atalier Cesium
  • Benson Gemini

Not in the photo are

  • Flexifoil Stranger (not in the bag !!!)
  • Flexifoil ProTeam 8

I was considering which one to take on holiday until I remembered that the beaches are covered in sunbeds and there is no great location for flying 🙁