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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly !

It’s been quite a busy week.

  • Emma went and met the Rangers players
  • We got a new front door
  • The extension may be getting back on track.
  • Unfortunately Emma is getting slightly worse.
  • Neighbours !


One of the teachers at Emma’s School Larkhall Academy arranged for her to go to Ibrox on Sunday past to meet the players, get their autographs, tour the trophy room and then watch the game. She thoroughly enjoyed this, especially since they won !

I’ll get some photos from her and post them here for you to see.

Downside is she has asked to go again I may have to pass the buck on that one as football bores me senseless! (some would say it does not take much)

New Front Door

Once you have someone with an illness or disability in your family you start to look at things in a whole new light. One of the things that I did not think of but was pointed out by Emma’s Occupational Therapist (OT) was that our front door has a “lip” in the inside, so although we have a ramp from the outside there is still a ~6cm drop between the threshold of the door and the interior floor level. This means that we need a new low threshold front door

This was duly ordered.

Plan was for the mobility company to remove the ramp, the door company to remove and fit the new door and then the ramp be adjusted to fit and then put back into place.


Except the mobility company, for whatever reason, did not know that adjustments would have to be made following the fitting of the door, the’d have to come back the next morning. To give them their due, they did help get Emma into the house in my absence, and ther were back first thing the next morning.

On the plus side, rather than adjusting the ramp they built us a brand new one !


We managed to finally get a clear line of communication between Care and Repair, the OT and ourselves. The plans for the extension are with the structural engineers and they should be passing the design to the architect for inclusion in the plans this week.

I have uploaded some photos to highlight why the foundations are so important. When the building starts, I’ll post more photos in that photo set.

Emma’s Progress

Lots of people ask me how Emma is doing.

The short answer is on the whole she is much more cheerfull and upbeat that I think that I would be in the same circumstances.

The longer answer is, she is slowly deteriorating as was to be expected with her condition (Motor Neurone Disease MND) This week she recieved her electricly adjustable bed and an electric wheelchair. The bed is great for me as it’s easier to lift her as the new bed is slightly higher. The chair caused quite a bit of upset as Emma does not think that she is at the stage where she needs or wants an electric chair.

To put this into perspective, over the last week her arms have become so weak that she needs help to feed herself and to brush her teeth.


Now, I enjoy my bed as much as anyone, more some would say.

I understand that kids trampoline are noisy (we have a 14 foot trampoline in our back garden)

It was Sarah’s 12th birthday over the weekend and she invited two friends to stay over. On Saturday night the girls were playing on the trampoline and when they came in at 10pm they mentioned that the neighbours were looking over the fence at them “a lot”.

On Sunday morning at 10:30am the neighbours are shouting at the kids to be quiet. Now if the kids had been rude, abusive, screaming, trespassing or causing damage I really don’t mind then being told off. But for bouncing ?

To cut a long story short the police were called and the neighbours were told that they cannot do anything about our kids in our garden. No surprise there then. However they retorted that they were going to go to court to get Demi, our German Shepherd taken away for barking continually during the night. Strange how we or the other neighbours don’t hear this.

Watch this space….

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