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Make A Profit From Your Expenses!


As I mentioned previously my company has been bought over. One of the immediate changes is that we are now responsible for booking our own travel and accomodation, rather than it being done centrally. Whilst this is a pain if you are busy, you can turn this to your own advantage.

This week i have “earned” £52.46 for doing my job !

Use The Correct Card

As my expenses are paid every two weeks now, so long as I claim my expenses promptlyI should never incur interest if I put my expenses on a Visa card. I can also arrange to have my expenses paid directly onto my card to remove any chance of spending the money twice !

According to my best friend Martin Lewis, the Money Saving Expert the best cash back Visa can give me a 5% return.

I have just spent £451 giving me a return of £22.57

Book The Correct Way

Another recomendation from Martin is using Quidco, this is a site that passes the merchant fees normally paid to the site owner back to you (minus a £6 annual fee). Different sites give you a different return:

I spent £169 on The Train Line who give 1% giving me £1.69

I then spent £282 on hotels through Hotelopia who give 10% giving me £28.20

I have not linked to the last two sites as you have to navigate to them “from” Quidco to earn your cash.

Not a bad return for just doing my “normal” day job !

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