Emma Family MND Motor Neuron Disease

Ambulance At Our House

Just some rumour control for anyone who may have seen the ambulance at our house on Saturday night.
Emma took some chest pains but she is better now.

After a good day out with her aunt and uncle Emma started to complain of chest pains.
We took the precaution of calling an ambulance to be on the safe side.
After a raft of tests they “think” it “might be” a chest infection !
She is better now, no more pain: but she has even more tablets to take.
In addition to the antibiotics she has just been prescribed she has also started taking morphine to control the general pain.

This adds nausea as drowsyness to the list of symptoms !

In addition: Sarah has been off school with an upset stomach and Elaine has slept most of the day as she was up all night with Emma: JOY !

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