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In case you have not noticed I have created a  fundraising page.

I will be doing sponsored events for the Scottish MND Association, Childrens Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) and for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Have a look here and please give generously !

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hi ross hope you don’t mind me leaving a message here but i was wondering if you can pass on the number for the sponsored walk around strathclyde park Emma was telling me and mitch about it the least day she was at school and we want to help raise some money for these great charitys. Look forward to your reply

Lorraine Mclaren (Emma’s taxi escort)

If you have a look at the “main” fundraising page here you will see the details:

“To register, please contact the Fundraising Department on 0141 945 1077.

Get more details here.”

For info the registration for this does not open until next month, but you can leave your details with them.

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