New Year – New Fitness Regime

No New Years Resolutions, just a revisiting of the fitness regime I started last year.
It’s late so just a quick update.
I have started week 1 of both One Hundred PushUps and Two Hundred SitUps.
I have also had my first jog in over four months. I went back to my patented “lamp-post method”: jog for one lamp-post, walk for one. I managed to complete a mile in 20 minutes. I have suddenly remembered how much I love being out in the middle of the night. Watching a fox hunt in the field beside the road before I start.

I took Demi with me.
She runs faster than me so I’ll need to either keep her on a shorter leash or get fitter faster !
I intend to join the guys at Jog Larkhall but I want to get my first week or so out of the way on my own to make sure I’m not going to collapse at the first hurdle!

Historically I suffered from VERY tight calfs.
Anyone have any suggestions for good stretches to warm up / cool down?

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