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The Great Gardening Project


Whilst nowhere near as ambitious as J.D. and Kris’ project here I have decided to do some work in the garden this year. I’m a few weeks behind writing up my progress so I’ll try and summarise after the break.

You can track my progress in my Flickr gardening set.

Sunday March 29th 2009


Bought these nifty bags for growing the strawberries in.
Planted Tomato, Chilli and Pepper seeds into our new “greenhouseâ€?.
Dug out the base for the path and dug out about half the length of my vegetable patch.

Sunday April 5th 2009


Planted my first early potatoes, “Charlotteâ€? I think, I’ll double check.
Laid more of my path.
Dug out the base and laid slabs for underneath my new shed.
Gave the front and back grass it’s first cut of the season. Blades were set very high so only half a grass box of clippings. I managed to rake out two black bags of moss from the front grass alone.

Friday April 10th 2009


My new shed was delivered and built by Elite Fencing in Airdrie.
Got a 20yard skip and a 3 tonne digger to help clear the ground in the side “gardenâ€?.
Did most of the digging out.
Started filling in the vegetable patch.

Monday April 13th 2009


Finished the digging out for the new “lawnâ€?.
Finished filling in the vegetable patch.

Tuesday April 14th 2009


Spent the day in the back garden.
This was “justâ€? a tidy up session.
Removed a dead lavaterra.
Weeded all of the rear flower beds and dug them over.
This was probably the hardest task of the last few weeks, the soil is very clay, I dug some sand through to hopefully improve the consistency.

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Looks like your garden is coming along nicely! I’m in the process of adding some planter boxes to mine to grow vegetables and herbs. Need to make sure to leave enough space between them so the lawn mower can get through..

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