Gardening Update

Where The Rainbow Starts
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kuzeytac (OUT, till 20.08.09-see profile)
I’ve been neglecting my garden recently, the grass is being cut but that’s just about it.
Everything is growing but not as well as I wanted.


The ones in the bags grew much better than the ones I planted in the ground.
I have harvested two bags worth already, not a huge yield but enough to make a “profit”.
Next year, feed them more and bury them sooner when they are growing. I may also stake them to stop them keeling over.

Fruit Trees

No fruit, but this is the first year.
Apple and Cherry are looking nice and healthy.
Pear and Plum are dead, absolutely no greenery on them at all !


They started out well but one bunch, the leaves are all going red, the others are just not producing.
Something is getting to them, my neighbour has the same problem.


Lots of greenery but no sign of flowers or berries, not happy, I love rasps!


These are looking VERY sorry.
I didn’t stake them when I planted them on, they are now all bent over and beyond straightening.
I have not been watering and feeding them regularly.
They are looking quite withered.
That said, there is fruit on them, lets see what happens.


Looking good here. have first small cucumbers forming.
They are planted very close together so looks messy.


Not sure on the variety, they were donated by 6yo girl next door after I gave her some of my spare tomatoes. Her beans are about 8ft tall, mine are only about 4 1/2. Bean envy!


Various greens, brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinnach have all been affected by slugs.


I always thought that these were easy.
Only half of each of my rows germinated.


Looking good so far, but I’m not sure what they should look like !
They are getting tall and they have feathery flowers on them, here’s hoping that’s a good sign!

Lessons Learned

  1. If it will need a stake, stake it when you plant it.
  2. Water regularly; EVEN in Scotland
  3. Feed regularly
  4. Follow the spacing guidelines, some of my rows were just too close together.
  5. Thin out regularly, they DO need room to grow into

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