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A Personal Manifesto / Dashboard / Scorecard

Those that know me will agree that I’m a bit of a “geek”.

Whilst I don’t always chase the latest and greatest geek toys or gadgets I do like to try and find a practical application of how technology can help me. This is a side effect of being a Business Intelligence consultant where I am striving to maximise (and measure) the benefits for my clients.

During a quiet moment I pondered – If I was to build a dashboard to measure/motivate/incentivise “ME” what would be on it?

Creative Commons License photo credit: churl

After an admitedly quick brain dump this is what I came up with:

No Chocolate
No Fizzy Drinks
Sleep 6.5 hours

Run 4 times per week
Strength 2 times per week
Run 20km per week

Work Blog once per week
Personal Blog once per week
EMail an “old” friend once per week

2 hours personal reading per week
2 hours work reading per week
Take a “nice” photo per week

What are your thoughts?

What have I missed?

Of course I already have an idea as to how to capture and present this but that’s for another blog post.

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