North Coast 500 – NC500 – Day 07 – Exploring Durness

This was a deliberate lazy day for us. Our friends headed off to visit Sandwood Bay whilst we had a lazy morning exploring the lovely gardens and shoreline at the Eddrachilles Hotel.

We then headed north towards Durness and Smoo Cave. This is a coastal cave which you can go down and explore. There are various blowholes letting in light and the portion of the cave which is flooded – you can explore via boat. We did not partake in that this time.

From there we headed to the Balnakeil Craft Villiage where we visited the excellent Cocoa Mountain for a hot chocolate before exploring the various arts and crafts venues.

On the recommendation of the staff the Eddrachilles Hotel we headed down to the beach at Balnakeil. There is a lovely old church and graveyard there along with a stunning beach.

It was then back to the Eddrachilles Hotel for yet another stunning meal then chilling out by the fire.

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