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What Did “Ross Goodman” Do?

Ross Goodman
Ross Goodman

Is this the Ross Goodman you are looking for?

I don’t know what happened but yesterday this blog saw a spike in traffic. It normally averages less than 80 views per day but yesterday – 539.

Screenshot 2015-06-11 at 11.42.39

I have done some quick analysis:
Most of the traffic is coming from Google.
About 200 views hit my home page rather than a specific post, the others are on a variety of posts – no hotspot there.
The search terms used are no different from other days.

All I can surmise is that either another Ross Goodman (there are a few of us) has done something and lots of people have found this site or Google have changed an algorithm somewhere and I’m benefiting from it.

Let me know if you have any ideas!

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Less Automation – More Control

Historically I have had a fairly slick publishing process via If This Then That.

I do most of my internet reading via Feedly and in there I can add tags, on of mine is “BlogThis”. If This Then That scans Feedly, looking for this tag and then automatically creates a blog entry on my site here at

Recently, with some sites the formatting and links have been a bit “off“.

To counter this I’m going to start doing more posts via the WordPress “Press This” functionality. This will also allow me to have more control over what is posted.

Hopefully the formatting will improve from this point onwards.

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I have now implemented Fragmentions as described by Kevin Marks’ post here :

I have done this by using the WordPress plugin WP Fragmention as can be found here :

This means that you can now link to any textual content on any of my pages – try it and let me know what you think in the comments.

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I recently stumbled across this IndieWebCamp site and I love the concepts that they are describing. Basically, you own your own content and then share it out. As I previously described in How I Make Social Media Work For Me the heart of my infrastructure was actually Google Plus and TwitterFeed to make it all connect.

I’m now going to try and make this blog the heart of this infrastructure.

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I’m Back – And Faster !

Well it’s September now and this is my second post of the year!

It’s been a busy year but no excuses – I have neglected my blog. To make up for this I treated my blog to a new host. Gone are PlusNet and in are TSOHost.

I can’t recommend TSOHost highly enough. Within hours of me sending my backup to them they had migrated my blog and it was up and running and it’s MUCH faster! More importantly it’s back onto a supported software stack and it’s patched and up to date !

I have stacks of ideas for blog posts; specifically a series on using Tasker on android phones to send data to web forms , collating and analysing data in google spreadsheets then using web services to send data back to tasker to display a dashboard on your phone!

As an added bonus – previously some of my posts were password protected – these are now free and open!


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WordPress Blog Upgrades & Re-Design

I have been a bit negligent in blogging recently, including ensuring that my WordPress installation is up to date.

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Back To Blogging ?

Creative Commons License photo credit: estherase
The recent fund-raising that I have been doing for MND Scotland seems to have taken a lot of time but more so energy to complete.
Hopefully, I will start to update my blog more often.

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WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Woes

As usual the WordPress upgrade was a flawless experience. It ran with no errors.
I’d love to say that my site is working perfectly, but it’s not.
I have this weird error where the visual editor does not work.
If I click on the “Visual” button, then the text editing box shrinks down until you cannot see it.
Click the HTML button, the same thing happens.
The only thing that I can get to work is; from the user settings, disable visual editing, then the HTML editor works as expected.


I used the wp-upgrade addin to automatically upgrade, no errors, but no visual editing.
I then did a fresh install, on the same host, using the same database, just with a different table prefix. Everything worked fine.
I then backed up all of my files, deleted the old site, copied the new one in it’s place. I then copied the relevant folders back from my old site, wp-content.
Same result, no visual editor.