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Social Media – How I Make It Work

Social Media – there are so many sites out there all wanting my input.
There are so many other web sites that produce content that want me to read their content.

You can see what my plumbing looks like here.


The way I make it work is via RSS feeds.
If I see a site that I like, I grab the RSS feed of the content and subscribe to it in Google Reader.
This means that I can see the content of all of the sites I’m interested in in a single place.


The three main sites I publish to are Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
I have no firm favourite so I try and keep them all in sync, this is where Google+ is slightly hindered due to the lack on an API.
The way I make this work is again through RSS, I use the site This takes an RSS feed and then publishes the content onto Twitter, Facebook and Google+ amongst other sites.

Taking Action

There are various times when I find some content on the web and I want to take action on it, read it later, authorise a blog comment etc. The way that I make this work if a combination of IFTTT (If This Then That) and RTM (Remember The Milk).
If This Then That allows you to monitor the web for certain events happening and then creates trigger events.
Remember The Milk is the site that I use to record my ToDo list, I tried lots and in my opinion is is simply the best.

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