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A few people have asked me recently why so many of my Tweets or Facebook Updates have “Reading : ” and what it means

I’m an avid fan of Google Reader for consuming the RSS feeds from various sites and keeping up to date in a single location. One of the features in Google Reader is the ability to “Share” discrete items. Basically this means that I have read an article and would like to share with your followers. If you are interested you can see a list of the items that I have shared here : http:

Here’s where it gets interesting … the shared items can be read on the page above or can be consumed as an RSS feed, yup, my RSS feed reader also produces RSS feeds.

Next comes the service from which will take an RSS feed and will update either your Twitter or Facebook pages. I selected twitter as it’s the tool that I use more. One of the options you have is to add a standard prefix to these updates, I selected “Reading : “.

I then use the twitter application for Facebook which replicates my tweets into Facebook – job done.

But – why did I chose the “Reading : ” prefix?
This is because I have hooked in a number of different services including favourite images on Flickr or my bookmarks on Delicious etc.

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