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Marcothon (December Running) Update

Fast man!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas)

The concept behind Marcothon was simple : run every day in December for at least 25 minutes or 3 miles.

My results:

  • 15 days out of 31
  • 18 runs in total
  • 75.51km or 46.92 miles covered
  • 10 hours 30 minutes running time

Officially that is a “fail” but it is my fourth best month in the year for distance and time but by far my best for actual number of runs.

I’m counting it as a HUGE success as it has been the ideal “warm up” for my 2011 running challenge.

Full details and stats to follow in a subsequent post but in summary:

Run 1000km in 2011 to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

2 replies on “Marcothon (December Running) Update”

Hi, I know this is an old post. I’m just about to look for more up to date posts on your site to read. Anyway, your story has put a smile on my face and filled me with excitement. I too run similar distances twice a week, and a longer third run, so I think I may do something similar.

If you do a search on Facebook at the end of November you will see a group set up there.
If you can’t find it, give me a shout and I’ll send you the link.
For info I have subsequently managed to complete Marcothon – the weather has a big impact on how hard or easy this is.
I’m currently injured and desperate to get back out running!

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