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Embracing the IndieWebCamp principles.

I recently stumbled across this IndieWebCamp site and I love the concepts that they are describing. Basically, you own your own content and then share it out. As I previously described in How I Make Social Media Work For Me the heart of my infrastructure was actually Google Plus and TwitterFeed to make it all connect.

I’m now going to try and make this blog the heart of this infrastructure.

To this end – here is what I have changed today:

I have removed the feed from my blog to TwitterFeed and replaced it with the WordPress Jetpack sharing settings to push directly from my blog to Google Plus, Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn.

I have added the IndieWeb WordPress plugin and registered by accounts at to hopefully consolidate any comments that appear on Google PlusTwitter and FaceBook back to this blog.

I will stop sharing from Feedly to  Google Plus for onward consumption by TwitterFeed and replaced it with a tag in Feedly (or sharing to Pocket with a tag) which is then consumed by If This Then That which will push the content onto this blog. I’m still experimenting with this part as the functionality of the Feedly client on Android is limited compared to the desktop.

In short – depending how you engage with me you shouldn’t really see much of a change: if you follow me on social media it’s business as usual. If you follow my blog – you’ll see much more content but it will be more reflective of the “wider” content I push out.

This is very much a trial – if you find something that does not work – let me know.

Next step – all the other content hooks listed in How I Make Social Media Work For Me.

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