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Flickr Photographer – Thomas Hawk

Another of my favourite photographers from Flickr – Thomas Hawk. He has a very eclectic style and rarely disappoints.



Gadgets And Gizmos Photography

Elasticated Lens Cap Keeper

Another photography related gadget. Historically I used only my Nikon DSLR an in all the years I used it I never lost a lens cap.

Since switching to the Olympus Pen-F I have lost three lens caps in 6 months. Rather than continually buy new lens caps I went for a lens cap keeper. It detracts a bit from the looks of the camera, and I’m not keen on having the cap swinging around but ……

Basically there is a circular disk that is permanently stuck on your lens cap and an elasticated loop that you can attach to something. I have it attached to the camera strap loop but I suppose you could put it around your wrist etc (if you remember).

Photo Photo Of The Week Photography

Flickr – Scotland Black & White

OK – Its a Yahoo site (read shocking attitude to security) is is still one of the best (in my opinion) photo sites.

One of the Flickr groups that I love is Scotland Black and White.

A couple of my favourites from the group at the moment are:

Photo Photo Of The Week Photography

Pitlochry Trip

I plan to start sharing either photos that I have found and really interest me (more likely) or photos that I have taken in a given week.

Last weekend we went on a trip to Pitlochry, here are some of my photos:



Favourite Photos – August 2017

Various photos from my birthday weekend away.

Saltburn by the sea – helicopter monitoring a cliff rescue.

Whitby – starting to get wet and wild, one of the last photos of the day – never made it to the end of the pier – maybe next time.

Steam Train – uncoupling at Pickering station on the North Yorkshire Moors steam railway.


Favourite Photos – July 2017

A nice sunny day on the iron bridge over the canal at Fountainbridge in Edinburgh.


Favourite Photos – June 2017

We had our summer holiday in June – I’ve never been one for standard beach / pool photos:







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Favourite Photos – May 2017

I had the honour of photographing my friends wedding in May – here are a few of my favourites:









Park Fun

After a hectic night the night before I needed to chill out so got some of the old toys out:

2017-05-28 15.47.40

Other than needing a bit of a wash and some tangles lines all are in working order.

Of course it was at EXACTLY this moment that the wind completely died so not much actual action happened.

In the photo are:

  • Revolution Exp
  • Flexifoil Psycho
  • Flexifoil Pulsar
  • Atalier Cesium
  • Benson Gemini

Not in the photo are

  • Flexifoil Stranger (not in the bag !!!)
  • Flexifoil ProTeam 8

I was considering which one to take on holiday until I remembered that the beaches are covered in sunbeds and there is no great location for flying 🙁



Something In The Sky?

I was just grabbing some photos of the sky to get some textures etc.

I never spotted it but Elaine says she can see something in this photo – can you?