Site Of The Week

The Wirecutter

This is one of the better review sites out there.

Not just a review of a single item – they pick a category and then select items in that category and then narrow down until they find a winner. They explain the process and their finding along the way.

It is a US based site so all of the links tend to go to but there have only been a couple of times I have not found what I have been looking for on the site.

Some examples of categories would be:

Fitness Trackers

Carry On Luggage

Noise Cancelling Headphones


Site Of The Week

No Such Thing As A Fish

Not strictly a site this week but more accurately a podcast.

This weekly podcast is hosted by the researchers behind the TV show QI where they discuss (in a hilarious manner) the latest facts that they have unearthed.

This is my favourite podcast and always jumps to the top of the queue as soon as it’s released.

They are also doing a series of live shows, I saw them last time in the Oran Mor, next year it’s the Citizens theatre in Glasgow.

Site Of The Week

Krebs On Security

Yes I’m a geek, I like to know how things work. I also know that the best way to understand things is to look at them when they are broken.

Brian’s site Krebs On Security gives a detailed view of any security issues are are prevalent. I don’t pretend to understand all the details but I at least like to understand that “something” is happening!


Site Of The Week

Cool Tools

As you will see from my Gadgets and Gizmos posts I do like a good tool that does it’s job well. One of the sites I use for ideas is Cool Tools. It is fairly US centric but everything from the site that has taken my eye I have managed to find a UK equivalent of.

Next on my list from this site will probably be one of these:

Fun Site Of The Week

Commit Strip Comic

This web comic – Commit Strip is mostly IT focused but I love it.

A bit like Dilbert it captures the humor of the industry perfectly.

Site Of The Week

Site – Glasgow Live

I do just about all of my web reading via Feedly rather than visiting sites directly.

I thought I’d share here some sites that have caught my attention and have made it onto or off of my Feedly subscription list.

Glasgow Live

This came to my attention as my Android phone Google Now page kept linking to articles on it. I especially like the Life & Style and the Food & Drink sections – I’m not sure what that says about me !