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Back To Blogging – Shortly

Moo cards for blogging workshop
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mexicanwave
I have ben spending far too much time on Twitter and not enough time blogging.
This will be changing shortly.
I’m planning a redesign of the site.
First steps are I’ve cleared out all of the subscribers to my site and left only the people I have physically met. If I have deleted you by accident, I apologise.
If you would like to have an account e-mail or tweet me and I’ll create one for you.

More soon !

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A Year In Retrospect

Just a quick summary of my on-line presence this year.


I have invested a lot of content to Twitter this year.
This is primarily due to the convenience of the platform racking up almost 1200 updates in the year here.

Flickr / Photography

I can’t find a way to get stats for the year so here are my top five photos:
Car Crash Rescue 1
Lightning 5
Kelvingrove Heads 1
Car Crash Rescue 2

Web Site / Blog

By far the most popular post on the site was the photos page here.
Second most popular page is the “About Me” page here.
As for the blog entries themselves they rank at:
1 – Business Objects XI 3.0 New Features – Conditional Prompts
2 – Crystal Xcelsius – Filtered Rows From A Filter Component
3 – Modelling Change In Your Dimensions
4 – Business Objects XI 3.0 New Features – Change Data Tracking
5 – Dimensional Modelling – Facts
As you can see here the site only really started getting traffic last January so that gives me 17300 page views.

Personal Stuff

Obviously the biggest news of the year was the passing of my daughter Emma.
Celebrating the Life of Emma Berry Goodman
And the year ends on another low point with the passing of another member of my extended family.
George Miller – Footballer | 1939 – 2008

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WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Woes

As usual the WordPress upgrade was a flawless experience. It ran with no errors.
I’d love to say that my site is working perfectly, but it’s not.
I have this weird error where the visual editor does not work.
If I click on the “Visual” button, then the text editing box shrinks down until you cannot see it.
Click the HTML button, the same thing happens.
The only thing that I can get to work is; from the user settings, disable visual editing, then the HTML editor works as expected.


I used the wp-upgrade addin to automatically upgrade, no errors, but no visual editing.
I then did a fresh install, on the same host, using the same database, just with a different table prefix. Everything worked fine.
I then backed up all of my files, deleted the old site, copied the new one in it’s place. I then copied the relevant folders back from my old site, wp-content.
Same result, no visual editor.

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With the latest release of the WPOpen plugin for WordPress OpenID has “started working again” for me on this site.

I have re-enabled this functionality in case anyone needs it, I know that I prefer to log in this way !

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Upgraded To 2.5.1

I know that you can’t really tell by looking at it but I upgraded my WordPress installation to version 2.5.1 over the weekend. I used the excellent Automatic upgrade plugin as found here:

I had no problems with the upgrade process at all.

The onmy thing that I have noticed is that the OpenID plugin has stopped working, I’m the only one using it at the moment so I have disabled it for the moment until I get a chance to investigate it.

In creating this post I have noticed that my Flickr and Photo Dropper plugins are also not working. 🙁

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Scary Traffic Levels

Creative Commons License photo credit: pbo31

I recieved an e-mail from PlusNet the other day informing me that my site had exceeded it’s traffic allocation.

I should have known better, I had not even investigated what the limit was until that point!

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Google Documents – Gadgets

I have found myself using Google Documents more and more over the last few months.

One of the areas that was severely lacking was the ability to share parts of that content.

That is all changed now with Google Gadgets.

For example, for my training I had resorted to n HTML table on my training page whilst not difficult it is not exactly elegant.

Now I am recording my times in a Google spreadsheet and using two gadgets, one to show a tabular list if the data and another to show an interactive time series chart, the same as is used on google finance.

Cool Huh !

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Guest Author

Creative Commons License photo credit: Yelnoc

I have had my first request for a guest author !

Ryan. one of my colleagues from Eclectic, or should that be Maxima now, has asked if he can use my blog to share some of his wisdom.

Look forward to seeing some articles from him in the near future !

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Scary Mary !

Scary Mary !

I treated myself to an external flash for my camera, specifically a Nikon SB-800.

This allows me to play around with having the flash off camera. Mucking around produced the photo above, which also gives a sneak preview to the “face fungus” which I am currently cultivating.

As you may or may not know, i love the concept of openid which allows you to have a single authorisation location for multiple sites (including this blog). It also allows you to have a single profile page. It has just scared me the number of places where my profile photo may be, I’m going to spend the next hour seeing how many places I have put it!

OK, in 1 hour I have found 16 discrete sites, and I have not even started with the forums that I frequent !

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Woo Hoo !


Red letter day for me ! (I’m easily pleased)

This site has been intermittently peaking at just under 100 visits per day.

Today it crossed the threshold, yipee !

Info supplied by the fantastic stats plugin.