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A Year In Retrospect

Just a quick summary of my on-line presence this year.


I have invested a lot of content to Twitter this year.
This is primarily due to the convenience of the platform racking up almost 1200 updates in the year here.

Flickr / Photography

I can’t find a way to get stats for the year so here are my top five photos:
Car Crash Rescue 1
Lightning 5
Kelvingrove Heads 1
Car Crash Rescue 2

Web Site / Blog

By far the most popular post on the site was the photos page here.
Second most popular page is the “About Me” page here.
As for the blog entries themselves they rank at:
1 – Business Objects XI 3.0 New Features – Conditional Prompts
2 – Crystal Xcelsius – Filtered Rows From A Filter Component
3 – Modelling Change In Your Dimensions
4 – Business Objects XI 3.0 New Features – Change Data Tracking
5 – Dimensional Modelling – Facts
As you can see here the site only really started getting traffic last January so that gives me 17300 page views.

Personal Stuff

Obviously the biggest news of the year was the passing of my daughter Emma.
Celebrating the Life of Emma Berry Goodman
And the year ends on another low point with the passing of another member of my extended family.
George Miller – Footballer | 1939 – 2008

This Site Wordpress

WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Woes

As usual the WordPress upgrade was a flawless experience. It ran with no errors.
I’d love to say that my site is working perfectly, but it’s not.
I have this weird error where the visual editor does not work.
If I click on the “Visual” button, then the text editing box shrinks down until you cannot see it.
Click the HTML button, the same thing happens.
The only thing that I can get to work is; from the user settings, disable visual editing, then the HTML editor works as expected.


I used the wp-upgrade addin to automatically upgrade, no errors, but no visual editing.
I then did a fresh install, on the same host, using the same database, just with a different table prefix. Everything worked fine.
I then backed up all of my files, deleted the old site, copied the new one in it’s place. I then copied the relevant folders back from my old site, wp-content.
Same result, no visual editor.


Restaurant Review – Thai Lemongrass – Glasgow

This was the last thing I imagined i would write about when I set up this site but….

Elaine and I were out shopping in Glasgow last weekend and decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal out. We were walking past the Thai Lemon Grass and thought we would give it a go.

Maxima Information Group Technology Work

Security – TrueCrypt – Encrypt Your Files

I was recently asked by a customer what steps we take to secure their files. I always use TrueCrypt to encrypt all customer files. This is an overview of how you can use TrueCrypt.

TrueCrypt gives you the ability to store information in a hidden partition that is secure from prying eyes.
Just as importantly the software is easy to use, being almost seamless in use.