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Edinburgh Marathon Training Update

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It’s been a while since I have written anything so apologies in advance about the length!

Marathon Team Update

Start with the good news: as of today the fundraising total hit £300 which is great but the marathon is no sprint, so lots more time (6 weeks gulp) to go.
The not so good news: unfortunately Paul has had to pull out of the Edinburgh Marathon due to an injury he has picked up during training.
The better news: Paul has agreed to competitively run the distance of the marathon before the end of the year. Due to this, we will be keeping the fundraising page open until the end of the year so you can show your support.

Things I Never Thought I Would Hear Myself Say

At 23:30 tonight I actually said:

I’m tired, and it’s late. I think I’ll just do 10k tonight.

And then did 11k in one of my fastest average speeds yet, oh how things have changed since January!

My Running Mantra

The other thing that has changed since the start of the year has been the mantra, or chant that I say to myself in my head when running. I used to say:

Slow Down
Head Up
And Breath

but over time this has subconciously changed to:

I’m a Runner – THIS is what I do!

and even then, this is only used when I’m struggling.

My Running Philosophy

When I started running, rather than follow a formal plan, as my route was beside a road I used the streetlights: run for 2, walk for 2 and variations thereof. This I found disheartening after a while. What I have found works better now is:

  • Start with a smile and know you will win.
  • Run through your tiredness but not into your exhaustion; then walk.
  • Walk faster then you would but not as fast as you can.
  • Walk farther than you need to but not as far as you want to.
  • Start again !

Using this method every leg of your run can be classed as a victory and we all know how success breeds success!

My Training Totals This Year

Being the Business Intelligence geek that I am, I know the best way to present the running stats that I have captured ……. but it’s not quite working yet!
Jan - 21miles avg 4.42mph
Feb - 22miles avg 5.40mph
Mar - 58miles avg 5.20mph
Apr - 23miles avg 5.26mph (so far)

On Sunday 14th March Angus and I competed in the Balloch Half Marathon.
Angus did it in an amazing 1:42 and put my 2:46 to shame!
It was a new personal best for me!
To top it all off, Angus then came back along the course and re-ran the last three miles with me!
Future Runs
In addition to the Edinburgh Marathon on Sun 26th May I have also signed up for:
MND Scotland 10k Fun Run on Sun 16th May (the week before the marathon)
Mens Health Forum Scotland 10k on Sun 20th June
Great Scottish Run Half Marathon on Sun 5th September
If you know of any other interesting runs let me know!

Big Thanks

As my distances have started to creep up my time out of the house has started to increase but it’s all in a good cause. Helping me keep my motivation up have been:
Parkrun Glasgow : I cannot sing the praises of these folks highly enough. A free timed 5k thought the lovely Pollok Park in Glasgow every Saturday, try it once, you’ll be hooked. I may “skip” an evening training run but never miss a ParkRun !
Sweatshop Glasgow : I was introduced to this shop through their sponsorship of ParkRun. Iain the manager helped fit me with a new pair of shoes last week. This week I have done my 5k ParkRun, a half marathon (and a bit) and a 10k (and a bit). The shoes are fantastic!
Last but not least : friends, family, colleagues : thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!

2 replies on “Edinburgh Marathon Training Update”

Rosco, you are an absolute legend matey! That’s quite simply inspiring stuff! Even making me think of running again! Keep it up! You must be like a skelf by now!

You are too kind!
I wish I was more skelf like! My weight is the one thing that I thought would be a freebie, but whilst it is coming down, not as fast as I hoped.
Hey Ho, the main aim was to increase my stamina, that is well on track.
Good Luck with the etape !

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