Dell Tech Support – Must Read The Script

Dell: Can I confirm that your laptop has been collected.
Me: Which one, I have had two collected in the last week.
Dell: The one that needs the repair to the palm rest and screen.
Me: Yes that was collected last week, a day later than was arranged.
Dell: OK, Thank You.
Me: Can you confirm the status of the repair?
Dell: Yes we received the laptop last week and are waiting on the replacement parts.

I’m glad to see that the Dell quality processes have finally kicked in and they are confirming that they are actually repairing the laptop that they have collected and that they have not mistaken my laptop with someone else’s that has the same service tag and the same fault.


The laptop was returned all fixed today !


Dell Support Woes Again

As you will have read here I previously owned a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (1011) and had a host of issues that resulted in the laptop being returned for a full refund.
I really liked my Dell Mini 10 so I thought I would give them another go.
I ordered another Dell Mini 10 from the Dell UK Outlet.

Once Bitten…


Dell Tech Support Woes

I bought a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 in October directly from Dell via the Dell Outlet.
After the usual few days it took to get all the service packs and fixes etc onto it I noticed that the screen resolution was incorrect. The screen has a maximum physical resolution of 1024×600. The properties only listed 1024×768.
When you used the laptop you were missing the bottom 168 pixels worth of screen. The desktop did not scroll. It was still usable, press the start button on the keyboard and the menu appeared, you just couldn’t see the task bar.
If I used the screen magnifier and dragged the mouse off the bottom of the screen, the magnifier showed me the area off the bottom of the screen (the missing 168 pixels worth).